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Well...that's a good thing. There's cause for celebration. Let me jump on the bandwagon and write about this ruling, too. It means that the inalienable "right to privacy" while not directly spelled out in the Constitution is protected. There's a difference between the Constitution giving us rights and protecting our rights. It doesn't grant rights. It can't, and we shouldn't want any system of laws to ever give us rights. That implies important powers no state should ever have: the power to give and take away human rights; it also implies that without such laws or a constitution, we have no a priori rights. This is in direct conflict with what the framers of the Constitution had in mind; namely, that we are endowed with inalienable rights—rights that exist prior to any created state.

The Constitution and the first 10 amendments thereof only seek to protect the rights we already possess—even those that have never been formally listed. Don't let anybody ever tell you different.

So, yeah...I'm celebrating along with the rest of the queer population. But my right to love whom I love (either in the privacy of my own home with another consenting adult, or to show affection out in public as the heterosexual people do) was a right I already possessed. The Constitution only guarantees my protection against having that right abridged. I practiced my love for a same--sex partner BEFORE this ruling, and had I been jailed, fined, or labeled a sex-offender as a result, I would have fought back, too.

And I plan to fight back when Bill Frist and his ilk seek to abridge any of my rights by writing an anti-gay amendment into the Constitution. We've already heard talk of a "slippery slope" because of this recent Supreme Court ruling that we're now open to all manner of behavior in the name of the right to privacy. But it's an even more dangerous and "slippery slope" to begin writing amendments to the Constitution that seek to abridge rights.

And there is a fight coming.

Justice Scalia has already begun beating the war drums with his remark about "cultural wars." Though I must admit, however, the really neat thing about this "cultural war" is that we'll soon get to see the white sheets come off the heads of certain people amongst us. For example, we can expect some really sleazy, nasty things from the religious right with foot-in-mouth Falwell leading the way. It's also neat, because it keeps the issue of gays in society in the forefront of an otherwise unaware general populous. I can remember growing up in a time when we and our issues were invisible, and I much prefer this wide-open cultural warfare to being ignored.

I don't care if some segment of the population hates me on principle. I don't care if the religious right foams at the mouth with hatred. Let them—or as Dubya said, "Bring 'em on." Because the more ridiculous and strident their rhetoric becomes, the more the general population of fair-minded, ordinary people, with whom we all live and work, will see what has been obvious to me for a very long time: the religious right in this country is like the religious zealots around the world—hate-filled and dangerous. They're the terrorists of the world. They want the same Taliban-type rule Afghanistan had, or what the Ayatollahs of Iran wrought on their people. They want a good, old-fashioned patriarchal society, where the only laws of fairness will be regulating the diameter of the rod with which they beat their wives—as it was in the 19th Century, right here in the United States. They want a return to laws mired in moralistic codes. Their moral codes. Still hidden from view, but lurking in the twilight where Reason gives over to fear are the people of the Christian Identity Movement, just waiting for conditions to be ripe for their appearance on the scene. If you don't know what the Christian Identity Movement is, I highly suggest you do a simple Google search: "Christian Identity Movement."

MattBut I'm not afraid. I'm betting that the same American Ideals that came through to us during the founding of our country, those ideals of equality and freedom will prevail. There are those who have suffered bashing and loss of life in this "cultural war;" but there are also those who have been outraged and empowered because of it.

Yep. This is one of those more flaming rants. I don't feel particularly even-handed on the eve of battle.

Ronald L. Donaghe, Las Cruces, NM
July 1, 2003

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