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August 2011
Finally the complete Book One of the fantasy trilogy, Twilight of the Gods:


cinBook One of the series "Twilight of the Gods" is now available in one book.

Publisher: Two Brothers Press
 ISBN: 1-59457-619-X
 Binding: Trade Paper $21.95
 584 pages

  A mysterious plague is sweeping up from the south in the country of Omoham, driving the Omoham'EYE northward. In their path, whole villages are decimated or deserted as people flee in fear of the plague. When rumors of the plague reach the northern city of Cinátis, near where Jeru's parents are farmers, his parents decide it is time to sell their crops and head for their ancestral home of Lauxis. But instead of going with them, Jeru, the youngest of three sons, sets out on a quest to find his two older brothers, Joshu and Samu, who left earlier in the summer, and he heads south directly into the path of the fleeing citizens and the oncoming plague. He vows to find out what this plague is and what its cause is.

Jeru takes up a divined staff that his brother Samu has made for him, which will enhance his power of stone felding. Not more than a day into his journey, he meets Eríl from the hidden race of Té and, together, they set out on an adventure that will not only change their lives, but is destined to change the world, itself. Their path is subtly determined by the shrewed witch Ka-té and the other sitting witches of the seven cities of Omoham.

Their journey is further complicated by a mysterious force known in legend as "the darkness of the shining moon," wherein a great battle between the forces of White and the forces of Green will determine the future of the world.

Having discovered the cause and meaning of the plague that has decimated his country, and having been prepared for a legendary destiny, Jeru takes up his staff and goes headlong into war against the invading Ch'turc. But no sooner is that war at an end when Jeru, his mate Eríl, and a small band of earth-gifted must face a legendary foe in the battle of Green and White foretold in The Book of Té. Read an excerpt.

Gwi's War

(coming in 2012)
Read an

The beautiful brown haired Gwi has been taken prisoner into the evil land of Ch'turc, but there, using her intelligence, she becomes a novitiate of the Priest Nostra and is assigned to the Priest Necron, known as the Lord of Death—hated by most, feared by all. Seeing what Necron does to the newborn children suspected of carrying the seed of Na-té, Gwi vows to stop him and becomes a great leader. However, she is not "earth-gifted" and wields no earth powers. She must therefore form an unlikely alliance with the untouchables of the city of L'ikk.
War Among the Gods

(coming in 2014)

What wars have been fought, what resolution of ancient conflicts that have been settled between the Ch'turc and the Omoham'EYE is nothing compared to the conflict that arises within and above the world when the gods settle their own ancient disputes.

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