The autobiographical essays of Ronald L. Donaghe
in a Collection called
Letters in Search of Love

Letters in Search of Love
and Other Essays
ISBN: 0738801208
Ronald L. Donaghe

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You can read all the essays contained in Letters in Search of Love online. Just click on the sections in the following table of contents to read each part. While this book is available at amazon.com and other internet booksellers, the publisher has continually raised the cover price in both the paperback and hardcover editions; and while I happen to believe in the quality of the work as the book's author, it is a small book. At the present price structure, I would rather have you read the essays online. Besides, I will be adding to it from time-to-time, so this is where you'll find the most up-to-date version.

Part One
Letters in Search of Love
  1. My Letter Goes Out
  2. The Letters Come In
  3. Letters from Prisoners
  4. The Curious Case of the Widower
  5. What It Was All For
Part Two
  1. The Old Man and St. Louis
  2. AIDS in Paradise
Part Three
Reprises and Extension
  1. My Sister and I
  2. Deming, New Mexico
  3. The Healing Place
  4. Closure

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