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This page contains the archived articles (rants and raves, if you like) on subjects that are so unrelated and changeable that I call them my chameleon articles—on subjects I write about as the mood hits me. Sometimes I'm serious, sometimes I'm as non-serious as you can get. Sometimes I'm angry or argumentative. So poke around, have fun, publish this stuff to the world, but give me credit as the author if you do, because these words came out of my head, heart, or other seat of feeling. Wanna argue with me? Comment? Agree? Contact me here.

Faith in Miers Mired in Faith
MiersJust a few thoughts about the quagmire that has become this nominee to the US Supreme Court. Or...isn't this really a litmus test by the Republicans?

Self Publishing:
Good or Evil?

A few words about those who are trying to give POD (print-on-demand) a bad name—and why.
New Mexico Trip: Step back into history

MontezumaMy husband and I took a little trip to Las Vegas, New Mexico (the other more historically significant Las Vegas), for the annual "Places with a Past" tour of the city. We also took in Montezuma's Castle, located on one of the campuses of the Armand Hammer World College. And we also visited Ft. Union, which was one of the most signficant forts in the American West .
Why I chose to be Gay
For those who would have you believe non-sense.
How many people are gay?
A recent Gallup Poll shows that Americans believe 20 percent of the general population is gay or lesbian. Whether or not this percentage is real or just "perceived" to be real, it shows we're winning the visibility battle with the religious right. They try to put our numbers at around two percent of the population.
Why Don't Gay Books Sell?
Or do they? Or would they if...? This is one of my most popular articles. It seems to have some lasting and at the same time fresh insights into the current problem with the so-called gay book crisis.
The Salvation Mongers
This essay appears at the end of my novel by the same name, published in June 2000, and it's too bad that it's just as relevant today as it was when it was written.
Sodomy Laws Bite the Dust
The Supreme Court of the United States of America rules against the last of the sodomy laws...or the coming culture war.
The first volleys in the culture war
What the President, the Pope, and Bill Frist all have in common, and why their faces are interchangeable.
Diversity in a Parallel Universe
For two years running, Foreword Magazine has asked me to write a feature article on the trends in gay/lesbian publishing by small, independent, and University Presses. "Diversity in a Parallel Universe" was published in 2001.
Talk About Special Rights?
Those who have accused gays of wanting special rights want hefty ones for themselves and they're willing to pass a Constitutional Amendment to get them—and to shut out gays and lesbians in the bargain.
A Virus in the Constitution
Ever since George Bush came out in favor of a Constitutional Amendment to ban marriage between same sex partners, there has been a growing movement among the right wing legislators throughout the United States to introduce this virus into the Constitution.
Palomas Trip
PinkStorePalomas, Chih., Mexico is a town in flux. It has existed alongside Columbus, New Mexico across the border for many decades, and like it's sister village of Columus has been a sleepy, dusty backwater—until recently. See what is booming there. Visit the Pink Store (La Tienda Rosa). You can shop for unusual and high-quality Mexican arts and crafts, hats, dishes, paintings, pottery, and museum-quality copper items, eat in the delectible restaurant, and visit with other tourists. Make an afternoon of it.

But this is only one of many interesting places to see in Palomas. Like Columbus, it is historical, singing the names of the Mexican revolution of the early 20th Century; and this small town sports a magnificent statue of Francisco "Pancho" Villa.

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