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This page is the catch-all drawer—for stuff I don't know what to do with, but can't do without. And it will continue to grow as other writers come to mind and as other interesting links to other stuff grab my attention.


Shadow of the
Chihuahuan Desert
Dallas M. Lemmon)

The writers listed on this page are fellow writers (and friends) whose work I respect; but more important, writers with whom I have a mutually satisfying and ongoing professional relationship.

Tracey Stevens left and Katherine Wunder Authors of How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide
happylesbianAs a community service for women coming out anywhere in the world, authors Tracey Stevens and Katherine Wunder are offering their book How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide as a free downloadable 200 page Ebook.

Since the beginning of this free service, the PDF has been downloaded over 700 hundred times from women as far away as Australia, Sweden, Africa, and Iran, who happened to visit the Amazing Dreams Publishing website.

In a recent interview Stevens said "I decided to offer the coming out guide as a free Ebook for women who are uncomfortable, or scared, to go in a bookstore and buy it. There are also young women who don’t have access to a charge card to purchase the book on the internet, and there are women living in countries where being lesbian could be fatal. I really feel that this book needs to be free for any one in the world who needs it. There are no other books that cover all the topics that Kathy and I have, and everyone who has reviewed our book has said that it will benefit all lesbians, not just those who are coming out."

The Gayellow Pages cosponsored this Ebook, which is available on the Coming Out page at the Amazing Dreams Publishing website:

Featured Writer
Martha Miller

Scout & Me
DispatchSkin Windy
I  am currently on the high side of middle age with grown children. I started writing and publishing lesbian short fiction in 1986 after my second divorce. When my first story was published in "Common Lives/Lesbian Lives," the editors contacted me and asked for more. In 1995, I won an award for my novel Tales From the Levee, which has now been published by Haworth Press. In 1997, I published my first book, Skin to Skin; and in 2000, my second book, Nine Nights on the Windy Tree, with New Victoria Publishers. I currently live with my partner of several years, Ann, and work at the bank and attend Graduate School and write.
Cameron S. Abbott
Cameron Abbott is an attorney in New York City, where she litigates complex commercial lawsuits and arbitrations involving a variety of industries.  She also teaches as an Adjunct Professor of Law at a law school located in New York, and serves as an arbitrator in the securities industry.  In her spare time (!!), she writes novels. The Independent Gay Writer recently reviewed her book, An Inexpressible State of Grace
Josh Aterovis &
Black Sheep Productions
Josh Aterovis, a twenty-something artist-author, was born and bred on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and lives there with his husband, Jon. Aterovis is a Latin pseudonym meaning "black sheep." He is the author of the "Killian Kendall Mystery Series," which includes Bleeding Hearts and Reap the Whirlwind. More info...
Andrew Barriger
Andrew Barriger is mainly a sci-fi writer, having written several books. But the odd thing is, he chose to publish two regular fiction titles first. Finding Faith and Finding Peace are set in a small town somewhere near Detroit. The cast of characters and Barriger's writing style are fresh and unique. His is a voice of reason and hopefulness, with just enough playful humor to make you chuckle even when situations are becoming unsettling in his stories.
Perry Brass

Bellhue Press
 Perry Brass's bewitching combination of white hot eroticism and stirring spirituality is unique among gay writers. He weaves tales that are fantastic in their imaginings and utterly believable in their human passions." William J. Mann, author of The Men From the Boys, Dutton: The Life and Times of Billy Haines, Viking Press.

ABOUT... The Lover of My Soul ( A Search For Ecstacy And Wisdom ). '' Humor , heat, anger, and sunshine... Perry Brass has pushed the envelope of direct feelings into an uncharted territory aal his own.'' William J. Mann, author of The Men from The Boys.
Meghan Brunner
Meghan Brunner is working on an interesting set of Urban Fantasy novels set in the community of Faire-Folk who attend Renaissance Faires. For some Renaissance Faires are just a place to enjoy once a year. For others...well vist Meghan's website and find out!
Richard Carlson
Richard Carlson is a Children's and Romance Book Author. Please  visit his website for a complete list of his work.
Randy Cragin
Randy Cragin is a Lulu aficionado. To find out what that means, exactly, visit his website. He has written three books which are available at Lulu.com. He says he writes fantasy or just plain weird. You'll need to see for yourself.
Dann Hazel
Dann Hazel is an eclectic writer of both non-fiction and  fiction. We've traded books for several years. He writes with  heart and head for gay men. His website is a delight and a revelation    to   peruse. Check out his latest at amazon: A Disney Outing for  the best in gay travel.
Margaret A. Helms
Margaret A. Helms is a writer whose work I recently "discovered"—or rather I should say who contacted me about an entirely different matter, which led me to look a little more closely and to discover she has published an excellent book Fogs in August. We have since then swapped books, and I have become one of her biggest fans. Fogs grabbed me from page one. It is aptly called  a  suspense-thriller. Update: her latest book The Fifth Stage is now out.
Roger Hyttinen
Roger Hyttinen is a fellow iUniverse writer. His work A Clash of Fangs is a vampire suspense-thriller with  a twist. I look forward to much more from this writer.
Mary Joslin

MaryJoslinmenKissRainbow Community Writing Project Through this website, we are committed to establishing a diverse and exceptional group of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and intersexed authors in an environment established to acknowledge every endeavor and exploration into the literary forum.

To nurture a spirit of community between fledgling or aspiring writers seeking feedback and their more experience counterparts. To provide any author who asks for assistance, respectful, courteous and honest guidance with their work.

Mark Kendrick
Mark Kendrick is from Chicago, where he has crafted two best-selling  gay-themed novels. He claims that his real love is sci-fi, but   we're still reeling from his first two books: Desert Sons and Into This World We're Thrown .
Lori L. Lake
Lori Lake is published by Renaissance Alliance Publishers  (RAP). But how to describe the genre she writes in? Drama? Gun Shy is the story of two cops in St. Paul, Minnesota (where Lori lives) who train hard, fight crime and eventually... well, read the    book. Ricochet in Time is a nail-biter about a hate crime,   but which is also peopled with some wonderful, likeable  characters. Lori herself is intensely professional and friendly  to fellow writers, like me. How she manages to write mega books and  make time    for all her other activities is a study in concentration,  intensity, and self-discipline.
William Maltese
William Maltese is a veteran writer  of over 100 novels, with an eclectic mix of offerings spaning almost three  decades of work. Visit his web site, which is new.
Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell is a writer who divides his time between Thailand and Spain. His first book, The Peculiar History of Oliver Trent was published by Brownlow, LTD., in 2003. It was reviewed by William Maltese in The Independent Gay Writer in 2004. An interview with Peter Mitchell is also available.
Warren Ockrassa &
Nightwares Books
nightwaresPublisher/writer Warren Ockrassa (Nightwares) can be a little difficult to pin down (pigeonhole) into a neat and tidy description. So I suggest you visit his site, which includes a lot more than just information about his books and the other writers he has published.
Radclyffe is the author of fifteen lesbian romances who lives and writes in the Northeastern United States. Her works include romances in both the classic and modern styles as well as several action/mystery series, and the common theme throughout is a celebration of the power of love between strong, valiant women. In addition, Radclyffe is the recipient of the 2002 Alice B. Readers' Award for outstanding lesbian fiction and she is the Vice President of StarCrossed Productions—a company developed to foster, promote, and distribute lesbian fiction by independent authors and small publishers. Her books are distributed by StarCrossed Productions.

Mark Roeder
Mark Roeder writes about gay boys in a series of novels that are interrelated. He has quite a following of the young and questioning  teens out there, who need exactly the kind of books he writes.   Mark lives in Indiana, and begins his letters with "Hey..."
Rob Rosen
Rob Rosen lives, loves, and works in San Francisco. His first novel, "Sparkle: The Queerest Book You'll Ever Love", was published in 2001 to critical acclaim. His short stories have appeared on such literary sites as: SoMa Literary Review, Velvet Mafia, Unlikely Stories, Hairy Musings, Ten Thousand Monkeys, Thunder Sandwich, Willow Lake Press, Muse Apprentice Guild (M.A.G.), StickYourNeckOut, Open Wide Magazine, Tribal Soul Kitchen, Defenestration, Zygote In My Coffee, DriftersOasis, The Quill & Ink, Mad Swirl, LauraHird.com, and Acid Logic; as well as in Alyson's upcoming
anthology: Mentsh. Feel free to visit him at his website www.therobrosen.com or email him at robrosen@therobrosen.com
Duane Simolke
Duane Simolke lives in Lubbock, Texas, and writes really enjoyable short story collections, like The Acorn Stories as well  as  nonfiction (Holding me Together) and others. See his home  page. He has also written a kick-ass Scifi novel entitled Degranon . One day, he and I shall meet, but I feel that we are already long-time friends. For now please explore his electic works.
Young Stranger
John D. Gustav-Wrathall
Young Stranger - Artistic Vision
The urge to express oneself is fundamentally human.  We cannot repress it without denying a most basic part of ourselves.  That is why artistic expression is one of the first things totalitarian regimes and fundamentalist ministers seek to stamp out.  It threatens their ability to control us in our very souls.  Art makes us individuals.  But the artistic urge is not purely individualistic.  Art is communication.  It is a bridge between people, creating shared understandings.  Art makes us a community.

Patricia Nell Warren
Patricia Nell Warren is a friend and mentor and one of the most down-to-earth writers I know. She is tireless when it comes to helping fellow writers, would-be writers, and glbt youth. Her own work spans decades and includes The Front Runner, Harlan'sRace, Billy's Boy, The Wild Man, The Fancy Dancer, and One is the Sun. Watch Wildcat's site to stay abreast of the completion of "The Front Runner" into film. This is also a good place to read many notable articles by Ms. Warren.
New Writers
A slightly different list of links to writers. These are new, within the last year or so. Diverse and eclectic.

Links to important, fun, or weird sites that I enjoy—in no particular order
Young Gay America: An important mix of information, travel, music and book reviews, links, and other outlets for lgbt and questioning youth. Quite well done.
Foreword Magazine: This publication is dedicated to bringing to the attention of librarians, bookstores, and general readers, the rich diversity and depth of small, independent, and university publishers.
iUniverse: This print-on-demand publisher is among the leaders in making publication possible to a whole segment of writers, to bringing formerly published books back into print, and to providing a means for small and university presses to keep books in print that traditional means would be too costly.
Wildcat International: a multi-media company and publisher of the works of Patricia Nell Warren. Also contains valuable articles and insights into writing and social issues.
Dabeagle: Showcases young glbt writers. Think this generation is cynical? You won't after reading these heartfelt and heartwarming stories.
Lavender Salon Reader: A good site for book reviews, author websites, readers' clubs.
Herby's Pages: Offered by David Lister, a screen writer, novelist, and historian from England.
Midwest Book Review: Is quickly becoming a major internet resource for publishers, writers, librarians, booksellers, and book lovers of all ages and interests. Is dedicated to being a place where well-deserved writers and independent presses have a real voice.
Burning Man: a bizarre "art" festival held around Labor Day in Blackrock City, Nevada. Impossible to quantify, fascinating to visit.
Stonewall Society: Dedicated to promoting education and acceptance of all genders and sexualities...and they do it through active promotion of writers, artists, and others.
RFD Magazine: Has been around for decades as a print and now internet resource for radical faeries. Just plain fun.
Gay Mundo: From The Gully. This is a kind of neat trendy/newsy gay magazine.
BlitheHouseQuarterly: a site for gay short fiction.
Writers' Resources: a web page dedicated to bringing resources to writers about publishers, bookstores, and other resources.