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Welcome to the new writers page. I've been discovering new writers who have recently been published for the first time or who wish to publish their work in some venue. They have contacted me and asked me to take a look at their work, based in part, I suppose, on their familiarity with my own writing. Sometimes, their work is in a rough, pre-publication stage and it has been my pleasure to read and edit the work, and sometimes it is virtually ready for publication and they want my opinion. Or, as is the case of the majority of writers listed on this page, their work has already been published, and it is my pleasure to include them in this list.

If you would like to recommend a new writer for this page, please contact Ron Donaghe.

72Virgins72 Virgins
by Avi Perry

Paperback 392 pages
Gradient Publishing
(August 14, 2009)
ISBN-10: 061528051X
ISBN-13: 978-0615280516

Kindle edition
A suspense-thriller about a nightmare scenario—a countdown to a Mumbai-style attack on U.S. soil, where the FBI, the Israeli Mossad, the US-based Iranian clandestine terror network, and the Islamic Jihad fraternity, all engaged in a timeless conflict, which plays out to a crescendo that comes to a head before the dramatic conclusion. The story offers an ample dose of realism, a cast of intense characters who engage in love, lust, and violence. It portrays the Jihad culture with its rationale and the volcano that breeds an irrational obsession with death. Moreover, it builds on the Jihadists' motivation for targeting so many innocents and exploiting the victims' massacre as a stepping-stone to their dream of eternal paradise next to Allah's throne. The real question is not whether Jihad terrorists' plots will ever cease to emerge—there is no chance of that. The question the book seeks to answer is, will the next one be stopped before it's too late?
The FillyThe Filly
Mark R. Probst

Paperback: 224 pages
Cheyenne Publishing (October 12, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0979777305
ISBN-13: 978-0979777301
MarkThe Filly is writer Mark R. Probst's first novel.

Set in a small Texas town in 1878, the story is about a bookish seventeen-year-old young man, Ethan, who works in the general store.  His widowed mother runs a boarding house where he and his wayward older brother live.  When a well-mannered cowboy, Travis, drifts into town looking for a job, he befriends Ethan as the two share common equine interests.  Travis finds work at a nearby ranch preparing for a cattle drive to Cheyenne. Travis eventually charms Ethan into signing onto the 900-mile cattle drive as well.

Visit this link for more information about the author and the book.
TreeA Tree Without Roots
by Nic Papalia

ISBN: 978-1-875801-08-4
166 pages
A Tree Without Roots is the autobiography of a man of Italian background who grew up in an Australian farming community.

As a young adult he broke free from family and small-town restrictions and prejudices and travelled extensively. Despite being aware of his homosexuality he married and fathered two children before finding the courage to be true to himself. Some of the cast of memorable characters we meet in these pages are people with cerebral palsy whose lives the author has shared with great tenderness and humanity as a professional carer.

Here is a life, recounted with honesty and courage that is borth ordinary and extraordinary. It is continually surprising, often moving and never dull.
25% of all sales are donated to the Western Australian AIDS Council.
GrowingUPGrowing Up In The House of Doom

by Patt Gavin

Paperback: 144 pages, $14.95
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (March 19, 2007)
ISBN-10: 0595437648
ISBN-13: 978-0595437641

Available at Amazon
Patt Gavin grew up as the third child in a family of nine, mostly boys. Along with his six brothers, they spent their childhood doing the things most boys do: catching animals, making messes and terrorizing their sisters. Growing Up In The House Of Doom is a collection of stories from a time gone by, when life was simpler, and children actually spent time outdoors playing with other children in a real-life setting. A time when children walked or rode their bikes to little league games, and knew it was time to come home when the street lamps came on.

Enjoy these memories of a group of boys who enjoyed their childhoods to the fullest, in spite of the objections of their sisters.

About the Author
As the third of nine children, Patt Gavin grew up as an Irish twin to both an older and a younger brother. His fondness for his family shows in these stories of their childhood in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Rest-IllusionThe Rest is Illusion
Eric Arvin

Paperback $13.95
from Booklocker

Be sure to visit Eric's website for more information about him and his work.
A coming of age story with a supernatural bent, The Rest is Illusion is set on the campus of Verona College, a small liberal arts school that overlooks an ancient river valley. The story centers on five students at critical points in their lives. Sarah, a young woman at odds with everything her parents stand for; Ash, a mysterious genius; Dashel, a young man with a mysterious illness; Tony, a closeted football star; and Wilder, a manipulative hopeful politician. Their individual stories run in and out of each other in the course of a week. Personal problems are further complicated by an unseen force that surrounds the college, living deep in the woods. As this entity begins to more fully touch the lives of the characters, things begin to unravel. For some this is a needed change, but for others this is a catalyst to a terrifying end.

EricEric Arvin graduated from Hanover College with a Bachelors in History. He has lived, for brief periods, in Italy and Australia. The Rest is Illusion is his first published novel.
Intimacy Between Men: Love and Other Stories of the Experiences of Gay Men

by Bill Moretini

Paperback, $11.99    1425926932   
Some of the stories herein integrate socially political statements. Some are laced with a bit of humor, and others are sensitive and poignant. One story is twilight zone in nature. The settings range from small town, big city, rich, poor and in between. All are Gay male stories based on the search for love, lust and for general fulfillment, and the character’s struggles to attain them. As with all people, love is the ultimate goal and theme of this book.  Enjoy!

Bill Moretini
Surf into Bill's website to learn more about him and his work.
Two SpritsTwo Spirits: A Story of Life With the Navajo
By Walter L. Williams and Toby Johnson

Paperback: 332 pages, $18.00
Publisher: Lethe Press (July 11, 2006)
ISBN: 1590210603
A Review by Betty Conley

Set in the New Mexican Territory in the Civil War era, TWO SPIRITS focuses on a little known and shameful fact of American history. Thousands of Navajo Indians, who refer to themselves as Diné, were held in US Government sanctioned concentration camp-like captivity, at Fort Sumner, from 1864 to 1868. Walter L. Williams, Ph.D. and Toby Johnson, Ph.D. combined their knowledge and talent to pen a historically accurate fictional account of the Diné’s incarceration.

TWO SPIRITS’ factual story line centers around the callous treatment the Diné suffered under the supervision of the righteous Union General James Carlton. Carlton, an Indian fighter, devised a plan to relocate almost twelve thousand “savages” from their fertile homeland at Canyon de Chelly (now northeast Arizona), to the Bosque Redondo outside Fort Sumner. The Diné were forced to walk a distance of 325 miles, in winter, with insufficient wagons to carry the young, old, and infirm. More than three thousand people died en route to the desert area. Carlton’s Indian “experiment” had the support of officials in Washington who wished the Indians pacified. The officials saw to it that sufficient funds for food and housing for the Diné were regularly sent to Fort Sumner. The funds, unfortunately, made General James Carlton a wealthy man. During the Diné’s four years of captivity without government subsidies, and unable to grow crops in the arid soil, another quarter of their population died. The vulnerable Diné were also victims of raids by the New Mexicans. General Carlton never ordered the soldiers to defend his charges against these attacks.

Adding appeal and fast pace to TWO SPIRITS’ plot, Williams and Johnson developed a beautiful love story between a young Virginian, William Lee, and a high ranked Diné, Hasbaá. Will had been shunned by his fundamentalist preacher father after being found in a barn with another young man. With the advice and help of an influential townsperson, Will went to Washington, D.C. and was fortunate to be hired as an apprentice Indian Agent. Assigned to Fort Sumner, Will realized immediately that the Indians were poorly treated, then learned the previous agent was dead. Feeling fully responsible for the Indian’s welfare, Will conscientiously wrote reports to his superiors in Washington requesting additional aid for the starving Diné. Will was not yet aware of Carlton’s duplicity.

Will frequently visited the Diné camp and after proving himself worthy was accepted into their talk circle. He became captivated with the spiritual person, Hasbaá. A two spirit person, Hasbaá was honored and respected by the people. According to Diné lore, people possessing two spirits were blessed with twice the spiritual gifts, both male and female, and thus had special powers to oversee healing rituals and other sacred ceremonies. Hasbaá and Will grew close and fell in love. The Diné celebrated their union, as was their custom.

Will discovered Carlton’s treachery so with the help of Hasbaá and other Diné, set out to prove Carlton’s unworthiness as leader. Some of Williams and Johnson’s characters, such as General James Carlton, were actual people who played significant roles in the circumstances surrounding the Navajo’s incarceration. In TWO SPIRITS’ pages, the authors show how spirituality, wisdom, and true understanding of human nature existed among the native people of our continent for thousands of years before European settlers arrived. Williams and Johnson’s TWO SPIRITS is a very important work with far reaching social significance. TWO SPIRITS is a highly recommended five star read.

AdjThe Adjuster
Gerald Libonati

Category: Fiction/Fantasy
ISBN 1-886383-97-9

Trade Paper, $16.99
Windstorm Creative
(see publisher for other formats, media)
Time-travel and romance have always been a winning team in popular entertainment. What makes The Adjuster unique is that the romance is between
two men. Gerald Libonati's feel-good adventure novel has been recently re-released by Windstorm Creative.

The Adjuster is a different kind of love story. It explores what might happen if a cocky, self-assured gay man of today went back to a time before Stonewall.  In fact, he goes to 1928 when attitudes about homosexuality were quite different.

Using a religious icon stolen from a secluded monastery in Tibet, Jack Winston manages to travel back to the Jazz Age. He pursues a relationship with Alec Proust, a shy clerk who runs an art gallery. But all is not well as protectors of the monestery follow him to reclaim the time-relic that was stolen.  Because Jack and Alec are the products of different ages, the relationship between them sparks conflict.

Expressing Winston's disappointment for his closeted friend, Libonati writes, "What a tragedy it was to live as someone else—to lose one's self in the game of conformity, never to follow the inner drive because his father taught him much too well; his teachers taught him much too well; and his church taught him much too well... Upstanding and well-behaved, he was alone, frustrated and dissatisfied."

Libonati is an award-winning writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale. He has also written for the Advocate and various gay/lesbian newspapers around the country. He is the author of Blue Nights in Atlantis and The Artist's Life.
IdeaIdea in Stone
Hamish MacDonald

Categories: General fiction, magical realism, gay lit.

ISBN 1-59971-490-6

Introducing Independent writer and publisher Hamish MacDonald with his third novel, Idea in Stone. Go here to visit his website. He's a creative writer, and he prints and binds his own books...a true artisan of both the word and the printed word.

What's a grown man to do, living in the shadow of one of the nation's most famous entertainers?

Run away from home, of course.

Stefan Mackechnie is the son of Delonia Mackechnie, famous folk-singer and variety show host. When he writes a letter to his dead father, he receives an unexpected reply, a message that leads him on a journey across the ocean to a timeless city where he'll face love, oblivion, and eternity.

Belt-BeyondThe Belt and Beyond
by Ed Breeding

ISBN: 978-1-4116-8066-1
Publisher: Ed Breeding

Available from Lulu
at $11.22

Available from Amazon
at $17.99

The Belt and Beyond is based on a true story of a gay man's journey to find freedom from the shackles of ignorance, condemnation, fear, and misunderstanding—all of which are sadly being taught by too many church leaders today.

"After reading Ed Breeding's compelling and informative book, I came to an understanding of what excruciating pain and torment a gay person endures while growing up in the 60's or even today. I cried as I thanked him for giving the readers such graphic insight into this complex and too often misunderstood side of human sexuality."

—Fanny Hilander
Author, Founder of Indian Summer Productions


"A worthwhile read, THE BELT AND BEYOND maintains a very true and personal tone from the opening of the book nearly to the end...Overall, the writing and formatting flow in a narrative, journal-like fashion: incredibly personal, sometimes poetic..."

Eric Fenner
BeforeLastDanceBefore the Last Dance

by James Randall Chumbley

Paperback: 327 pages
 Lighted Tree Press (April, 2005)
ISBN: 0976771306

InArmsAdamIn the Arms of Adam

by James Randall Chumbley

Paperback: 331 pages
Publisher: Xanthus Press (May, 1997)
ISBN: 0963829572
Before the Last Dance is a novel, but its subject is so true to life. Growing older in the gay community is a big concern for many. The culture is drowning itself in beauty and youth. If one is fortunate to be born with good looks, it is only a matter of time before it is taken from them. Such a cruel reality makes one wonder if it is better to be born average rather than be faced with watching the years take away that God-given gift of beauty. For those blessed, as time passes and their looks wilt, they, as with other older gay men, fade into the background only to be soon forgotten by the very culture they once played a vital role in nurturing.

This book addresses that very concern for two gay men, Tom and Trey by allowing readers to peek into their lives. They where lovers for three years and remain friends over a span of seventeen. Tom, the older by twenty years, is obsessed with youth and beauty so much that it later spirals him out of control. Eventually, at fifty-nine, he attempts suicide after falling in love with Andrew, a young call boy, who Tom sees as his last hold on youth. Trey, the younger, can only stand by and watch the demise of his once lover and long time friend. He too is finding himself caught up in the obsession of hitting the gym five times a week to maintain the gay image of beauty. The reader will find out if Trey ends up walking the same path as Tom or if he takes a different one and accepts aging with grace and understanding.

In the Arms of Adam is a deeply passionate, sensitive and personal story of one man's journey through a painful childhood of abuse, alcoholism and suicide. This book will touch all your emotions, from heartbreak to arousal, as you follow Randy's depiction of a troubled relationship with his father and its parallels to relationships with men in his life's search. A classic story that will move you. Gay or not, there is something in this book for many of us to take to heart.

JamesChumbleyJames Randall Chumbley, an Atlanta-based mixed-media artist of national reputation, started his life on the receiving end of physical and emotional torment from his father, an alcoholic army sergeant. His father’s suicide when Chumbley began college brought an abrupt and painful end to a harrowing youth, yet it also fueled his drive into adulthood as the money from his father’s veteran benefits financed his college education.

Visit his web site for more information about the author and his work.
AppAppAppropriate Applause


John Boyd Brandon

144 pages, $12.95
Hardcover $22.95
iUniverse 2004

ISBN: 059531435X

BoyAtWindowThe Boy at the Window


John Boyd Brandon

202 pages, $14.95
Hardcover $24.95
iUniverse 2005

ISBN: 0595350313

JBBrandonJohn Boyd Brandon (seated) was born in 1950 in Pennsylvania. At the age of ten his family moved to Illinois where he lived most of his life until the last eight years since moving to New Mexico. He graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1989 with a Masters of Fine Arts degree in studio painting. He has been together with his partner Roy for twenty seven years. He started writting when he was in his thirties. He wrote mostly short stories at that time.  His first two novels, Appropriate Applause and The Boy at the Window were published in 2004 and 2005. He is currently at work on his third book.

In Appropriate Applause, Scott Morgan is a young artistic gay man who moves to New Mexico from Chicago with his mother Lydia and his homophobic father Walter. For years Scott has felt concerned his father will discover that he is gay. Walter has disliked gay men ever since he was ten-years-old and went through a terrifying experience.
Scott meets and falls in love with a young man named Vallie. Walter finds out about this relationship and attempts to stop it. Scott’s depression over his fathers’ nasty behavior leads him to attempt suicide.
Scott begins seeing a psychiatrist to deal with the trouble he and his father have shared. Walter also begins seeing a psychiatrist. He feels troubled that his nasty attitude concerning gay men almost caused his son’s death. Family conflicts coil in a tangle of misunderstanding and hope. Will Scott and his father resume some sort of family relationship?

In The Boy at the Window, Scott Morgan and Vallie Taylor are two young, gay men who decide they want nothing more than to adopt a child. They contact Happy Home Adoption Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to find out what their chances might be to adopt.
They are investigated, finding out they do qualify. Prepared to adopt a newborn or toddler of any race, they find a fourteen-year-old gay teenager, Nicholas, desperately needs a home. They take the time to get to know him and decide to make him their new son. Nicholas is elusive, never smiling and does not make eye contact, but he agrees to be adopted.

Nicholas starts high school and begins having trouble with a bully. Scott, Vallie, and the rest of their family do what they can to help. Nicholas goes through a frightening experience, which helps him finally realize what a real family is and how much his new family really loves him.
NYTrilNew York Trilogy

by Paul Hallasy

156 pages, $10.95
iUniverse 2000

ISBN: 0595002234
PaulPaul Hallasy is a New York City-based comedian, writer, actor and singer.

He performs regularly at clubs in New York City and has also performed at clubs, resorts and special events around the United States.

He is also the author of a book called New York Trilogy.

New York Trilogy follows the lead characer, Perry, from his days as a student at New York University to his initiation into the gay scene, the early days of the AIDS crisis, and his first relationships.

FirstChillFirst Chill
by Brian Bengtson

PublishAmerica (February 28, 2005)

ISBN: 1413761461
BBActor, playwright, and poet, BRIAN. E. BENGTSON is a native of Omaha, Nebraska and has been featured in many national Gay/Lesbian magazines, and HIV/AIDS journals such as HURAKAN, DAVID'S PLACE, BAY WINDOWS, and POETRY MOTEL.  His first one-act play, FAGS IN THE MALL, was originally  produced by the Crawlspace Theatre in New Orleans in 1991. He served four and a half years as Poetry Editor for THE NEW VOICE OF NEBRASKA (the state's oldest and longest-running G/L/B/T magzines until it folded in 1998). HIs first chapbook, entitled GAY. . .SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED was published by Lone Willow Press in 1995. He now has a new book of poetry, entitled FIRST CHILL (published through PublishAmerica).

Visit his website for samples of his work.
SongA Song in the Park
by Marin Brant 

Paperback, $15.95
Genesis Press (MS) 

ISBN: 158571125X

The Author, Martin Brant
MartinBrantBorn in Wisconsin, Martin’s family moved to Texas when he was at an early age.  He has lived in Dallas ever since.  An entrepreneur most of his life, he began writing full time three years ago.

Martin has chosen gay literature as his favorite genre to write, in appreciation to the wonderful diversity of mankind.  His novels have a romantic twist and are always racially diverse; and they feature strong female characters, whether they are friends, or sisters, or colleagues.  He believes a writer’s first obligation is to entertain, using uncomplicated prose to take readers into different worlds of emotion and challenge and intrigue.

He’d love to hear your thoughts about his work, or anyone else’s, if you would like to write.

To learn more about this writer's work, visit his site.
Two men, haunted by their past, cross paths where the desert meets the sky in Big Bend National Park.

Nothing would ever be the same for Michael Anderson, a renowned San Diego surgeon, after losing an eight-year-old girl on the operating table.  He blamed himself, rightfully, having stayed out the night before indulging his whims in San Diego’s exotic gay nightlife.

A half continent away, Justin Brooks left his bride-to-be standing at the altar when he ran from the church as if it were full of vampires.  A pariah in his hometown, he left in a fog of guilt and self-doubt, and found a solitary life as a park ranger in the desert wilderness of far west Texas.

When Justin spotted David in a secluded camp on the Rio Grande River, a friendship was born.  Fragile at first and full of doubt, their friendship took hold on the growing promise of a new horizon.  They found peace in the whispering hues and textures of the arid land, as Justin grappled with his sexuality and David tried to renounce his calling as a doctor.  They worked on Justin’s house, secluded on countless acres, taking stones from the riverbed to add a room, taking one day at a time while they learned more and more of themselves and each other.  They loved the haunting desert solitude, the mountains and the sunsets and the poetry of the land, and they began to love each other.  Michael, beset by increasing pressure to revive his skills as a doctor, couldn’t find the courage to accept the responsibility.  Not until he and Justin faced losing everything, did both realize yet another destiny in the Big Bend, though neither could have foreseen the peril they would live through first.

A tale of renewed dreams, of sensual adventure and the mystery of two men falling in love, A Song in the Park celebrates human diversity and discovers the simple things in life that matter.

 A Time Before Meicon
by Michael Holloway Perronne

Paper  186 Pages $13.95
ISBN: 0-595-33756-2
Published: Dec-2004

Growing up in a small Mississippi town, shy and inexperienced Mason spends much of his time with his best friend and childhood crush, the charming and daring Billy. When a six-pack of beer leads to a kiss between the two, Mason believes his dreams have come true. Billy’s disregard for the incident, however, dashes Mason’s hopes.

After graduation, Mason fears he’s doomed to spend a humid Mississippi summer scooping ice cream. But everything changes when his vivacious Aunt Savannah invites him to live with her in New Orleans and work in the box office of her drag queen cabaret. It’s there—in the decadent and liberating French Quarter—that Mason begins to fall for Joey, a strikingly handsome and sweet nineteen-year-old, who may just be ready to open his heart to someone new.

When Mason’s lingering feelings for Billy threaten his new romance, Mason must make a choice. With the help of his aunt and a sassy drag queen, Miss Althea, Mason learns that the only way to get anywhere is to roll life’s dice and take a chance.

Visit the author's website to learn more about him and his writing.

Imperceptible DANGER
 by D.C. Elmore

BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: 1-59457-490-1
Trade Paper 284 pages
Spending fourteen days in the wilderness with a group of city girls is not the ideal vacation that photographer Tristin Dobbs had in mind, but a promise is a promise. Now, in the midst of trying to help her sister get her ‘Wilderness Escape’ business venture in full swing, Tristin finds herself partnered with Danielle Eason, a beautiful lawyer who seems to have everything anyone could want or need. But as most of us know, looks can be deceiving.

D.C. Elmore grew up in a small farming town in Indiana. Her childhood home, where she and her younger brother would play basketball in the driveway, backed up to a cornfield. It was the ideal life for a Hoosier girl, but D.C. didn't want a scripted life. She didn't want to follow the easy path or the hard one. She wanted to make her own path. She wanted to follow her dreams and not anyone else's. So, that's what she did. From Indiana to Florida to Southern California, where she presently resides, she has tried to experience everything life has to offer.

For more about the author and her writing, please visit her online at:

A Perfect Peace

by Glynn Harper

Electric eBook Publishing
ISBN: 1-55352-111-0
Binding: Trade Paper
342 pages, $15.99

Author Glynn Compton Harper (website)

A Perfect Peace is a story about men in love and war.  Set in wartime Britain and France in 1944, nineteen-year-old Bobby Joe Keyes, an athletic, resourceful young man from rural Texas, survives the D-Day invasion of Europe. After he is wounded in battle, he meets another soldier, Anthony James, en route to a recently built American Army Camp in Devonshire. They recognize in each other mutual attraction and mutual need.  A Perfect Peace conveys the spiritual transformation both men experience, giving them the conviction and strength of character to hope that their love will survive despite the many trials it has and undoubtedly will face in the days to come.

Beyond the Closet: Healing the Rift Between Gay People  and the Church

by Kye Faithfield
Paperback: 338 pages, $24.95
PublishAmerica; (July 20, 2004)
ISBN: 1413717306
Author Kye Faithfield

Beyond the Closet: HEALING THE RIFT between Gay People and the Church offers Biblical principles for resolving the current crisis around gay people in the church. This upheaval peaked in 2004 when the Episcopal Church installed its first openly gay bishop, and the Southern Baptist Convention severed ties to churches allegedly supporting homosexuals, and their right to marry.But the church faces an even greater conflict. Its gravest threat is from those within it whose all-consuming self-interests oppose Jesus’ precepts on obedience, holiness, and faithfulness. Lessons in humility, suffering, and chastity, and the Bible’s supremacy in daily life, are being challenged as never before by adherents who refuse to be governed by the revealed Will of God. It has thus become extremely difficult to heal the rifts which divide in a manner both pleasing to God, and honorable to themselves. Infighting often prevents compromise, and intolerance too frequently overwhelms spirituality. To reaffirm Biblical themes relating to reconciliation, the book defines some 300 words on vital issues ranging from what true Christianity means, to love, sex, and marriage. The church is in real trouble, and urgently needs the cleansing power of repentance. For when it questions and undermines the Bible’s legitimacy by choosing false doctrine over truth, God’s profound judgments against apostasy cannot be far away!

Visit the Healing the Rift website... to learn more about this important book and to learn more about the author.
Vacuum Packed
by Robin Newbold
Paper: 260 pages
Publisher: Lulu.com, 2004
ISBN: 1411603974

Robin Newbold is a Londoner born and bred, though for his sins he now spends far too much time in Bangkok. A freelance journalist, he's written on gay and lifestyle issues for a number of publications such as Time Out, The Times, Traveller, The Nation and Bangkok Metro magazine. Vacuum-Packed is the first of, what he hopes, many works of fiction. Oct 2003. Visit Robin's website.

About Vacuum-Packed (published by nightwares LLC)
The novel's set in the sprawling cities of London and Bangkok in the late 1990s and focuses on two teenagers who see their young, carefree lives rapidly mutate into something far bleaker. It's part darkly humorous rites of passage drama, part travelogue, which follows the two protagonists on a reckless path to a harrowing set of crossroads in their frantic search for redemption. Contemporary, acerbic yet insightful, Vacuum-Packed riotously observes how Generation Vexed has replaced Generation X.

Coming Out of the Closest Without Coming Apart at the Seams

by Gail Dickert

Paperback (5x8)
Authorhouse 2004

Visit the Turningpoint Fellowship!
In and Out of the Closet:Christian Lesbian Shares Her Struggle with Her Sexuality in Memoir

Columbus, Ohio – In the past few months, hundreds of same-sex couples have tied the knot in a whirlwind of legal and social revolution. The moral and legal debate still looms in churches, courthouses and legislative chambers. Gail Dickert adds to this debate with her new memoir, Coming Out of the Closet without Coming Apart at the Seams (now available through AuthorHouse), which provides an inside look at the real life of a Christian lesbian.

Dickert takes readers through her journey down the road to self and social acceptance as she pops “in and out of the closet.” Raised in a small Pennsylvania town, Gail left promptly after turning 18, ending up in Cincinnati. Religion and faith were always a strong part of her life, and a year in Las Vegas working as a youth ministry intern changed her life forever.

Her religious teaching conflicted with the desires she felt inside. She eventually graduated from Cincinnati Bible College still trying to deal with her sexuality by believing in change. She began to slowly come out of the closet, and then receded. She attended gay transformation counseling, hoping to shake the feelings she had for other women. Instead, she met and fell in love with a woman in her “ex-gay” group, finally emerging from “the closet” a strong, proud Christian lesbian.

Coming Out of the Closet without Coming Apart at the Seams gives readers a rare glimpse inside the life of a Christian lesbian. Her journal-like writing style places readers next to her, as she endures tragedy and inner turmoil on her journey. Included are her astute, progressive and inclusive readings of certain biblical texts that have traditionally been used to condemn homosexuals.

Through heartbreaking and heartfelt experiences with losing friends and coming out to her family, Dickert was still able to maintain her faith even as the church seemed to close its doors to her. Coming Out of the Closet without Coming Apart at the Seams is a deeply personal, intimate account of one woman’s struggle for acceptance and peace with herself and her faith.

Dickert lives in Columbus, Ohio and is engaged to the same woman she met in her “ex-gay ministry” program. She currently works in a new local church as the co-pastor. Coming Out of the Closet without Coming Apart at the Seams is her first book.

For more information, visit www.authorhouse.com

Gay Face of God
by Archbishop Bruce J. Simpson
Third Millenium Press
ISBN 1-932657-09-6

The Gay community has triggered the greatest social debate in American history since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Not only has gay marriage seized the total attention of the American conservative movement, but also the medieval and border-line hysterical consciousness of the Roman Catholic Church as well as other churches worldwide.

  This is the story of a man born of an act of violence who grew up as a gay man to become an Archbishop in the Old Catholic Church in America. Archbishop Bruce J. Simpson’s theology and beliefs on the subject of the GLBT community and its place in the world and in particular in the Church, flies in the face of most traditions and governmental positions. These positions and beliefs have been formed out of his unique experiences growing up in the military, police departments, brief connection with the Saudi Royal family,  federal Government and the Roman Catholic Church. His story both saddens one at the trials faced in his youth, to joy at his many successes as an adult gay man in America.

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Paperback $28.99
364 Pages  
 ISBN:  141202225-8
March-2004 Trafford

Written by Lea` Marie
A BLACK BUTTERFLY is a completed 364 page published true story that is based on the tragedies of a young black girl's childhood and her journey to achieving self-worth.  It is one of the best "emotional roller coasters" you will ever experience!  This true story takes you on an emotional ride filled with the ups and downs of a young black girl growing up and trying to achieve the self-worth that was stripped away from her.  Each page will have you on the edge of your seat and waiting nervously to see what happens next.  My story is definitely one that you will not be able to put down once you get started on reading it.  You will share tears with me one second when reading about my struggles and my personal tragedies.  As well as sharing "stomach aching" laughter with me.  My story turns you from "the reader" into my very own personal confidant and friend.  It invites you into my life, my family, my heart and my soul.  What is more important, my story reaches out to everyone in helping me to help children!  It is the ultimate goal to make adults aware as well as inspire them to help me in my plight to develop my very own Children's Foundation.  Through my Children's Foundation I hope to not only help in instilling love and self-worth into them but to help inspire them and give them a healthy and happy future.  My plight and my pledge to God is to see that no child ever hurts again due from the ignorance inflicted on them by adults.  With me reaching out to help them to help heal their hurt, I pray they reach back to me to heal by calling . . .1-800-HRT-NO MORE!       

New Writer...

RandyCraginThese two offerings to new writers are unique, in that they are published ebooks and available in print, and yet the writer, Randy Cragin, would like to have readers for comment and editing, before they are ready for published work with ISBNs. He'll have to explain what he means. Please visit his
Website for more information...

Follow along as a young man explores life and relationships. Set in everyday life the main character gets closer to a friend he's been avoiding for his conflict with his use of drugs. As they get to know each other they discover not only are they not all they seem to be on the surface, but that the town itself where they live has a few secrets as well.  This story focuses on a boy who's about to be drawn out by his friend, how they get closer, and how they deal with what they are doing. Also on how coming to the truth of the  matter generates problems and solutions. Vivid depictions of how these  characters interact. In looking over this I have written a story about  what it's like to be gay as a young man. Who do you tell? How far do you go to find out for sure?

These two volumes form one book, but have been divided into two parts because of the length.

King of Cats
by Blake Fraina

Paperback $16.95
238 pages
ISBN 0-595-30756-6
iUniverse 2004

Blake Fraina lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with longtime love and sometime sparring partner Steve, plus four guitars and six cats (naturally). And, like Wallace Stevens, works in the insurance industry.

King of Cats: A Life in Five Novellas is peopled with vivid characters and told in sharp dialog, the five stories that comprise King of Cats tell the provocative, sometimes heartbreaking story of luminious, enigmatic rock star Jimmy 'Strange' Lyons. Weaving back and forth through time, from a tenement in Alphabet City to a luxury co-op overlooking Central park to a semi-detached in North London, Jimmy's life unfolds like a myster, gradually revealing his secrets and exposing the vast gulf that often lies between what appears to be and what is.

Paperback $13.95
178 Pages
ISBN: 0-595-30490-7
Jan-2004 iUniverse

by Michael Halfhill

This is the story of Jan Phillips. It begins with his life as a prostitute eventually leading to his involvement with a secret international organization.

Eighteen year old Jan Phillips is on his own now and heading into Philadelphia hoping to survive on money he can make from johns who frequent the city’s “Tenderloin District”. Still a virgin and not even that sure about his own sexuality, he has no idea of how to go about the business of prostitution and what impact it may have on his life.

Tim Morris is waiting—waiting for Jan. From his thirteenth floor apartment in the elegant Saint Roi apartment building, Tim watches Jan on the street below. He decides that they will meet.

Their meeting takes them on an adventure through the dark realms of international politics and their relationship—a relationship, formed from a devil’s bargain and based on desperation and fear.

Visit Michael Halfhill's website for more about him and his work at

by Bazhe
324 pages, paper
iUniverse Star
ISBN 0595297145

Damages is a memoir about one man’s fight to overcome the psychological wounds created by his peculiar upbringing as he struggled to find his true identity and freedom.
     The story begins with the death of his abusive father, a Communist official. His mother is diagnosed with cancer, and he immediately returns to Macedonia to take care of her. Meanwhile, his more than thirty-year search for his biological mother ends, and he tells her his life story, starting with his lonely childhood and adolescence. After finding his “new mother” to be very understanding, he reveals his first gay experience in the army, his desire for self-realization that caused scandals in the College of National Security, his escape to Turkey where he transformed into a stunning transvestite after meeting a handsome wealthy man, and his return to Yugoslavia where he wandered in the underground world of a country that was falling apart. As Yugoslav nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism rose, he experienced them directly, almost losing his life, but he eventually succeeded in immigrating to America.
     Although he finds his biological mother, he ultimately discovers that it is his adoptive mother’s devotion that is irreplaceable.

"Bazhe has a vivid talent for powerhouse storytelling and Damages is a remarkable, compelling read."
—SLV, White Crane Journal, NY

Visit Bazhe's website for more information: http://www.bazhe.com

by Cray Donnelly
ISBN: 1592869335
Paper 218 pages
Publish America 2003

Cray Donnelly's Laudanum was highly recommended to me for this website, since I like to highlight new writers. Would anyone care to submit a review for The Independent Gay Writer newsletter?

After a near-fatal automobile accident, Brandon Keller returns to resume his life in Natchitoches, Louisiana only to confront the unsolved murder of his high school sweetheart. Determined, Brandon investigates the night of his accident and the murder, a night he cannot remember, to uncover the truth. The journey reunites him with his friend, Devin Slater—they must rebuild their fractured friendship before the facts can surface. He also meets Casey Brown, who holds the secrets that could unlock everything, and enlists the help of Jared Wise, a former nemesis who works for the local newspaper. When a secret diary is unearthed and his trust shattered, Brandon must learn who he can turn to. As all of their lives weave together, the story unfolds piece by piece, until the police uncover another mysterious death and a confession. The police announce they found the killer...but do they have the right man?

Author's bio:

Cray Donnelly is the author of Laudanum, a mystery novel. He has written articles for newspapers and magazines since the age of 13. Born in southern Indiana, he currently resides near Cincinnati, Ohio.


Lord Given Lovers :The Holy Union of David & Jonathan

by Christopher A Hubble

ISBN: 0-595-29869-9     Oct-2003

Lord Given Lovers
is a provocative response to the anti-gay religious movement. God sanctifies same-sex love through the holy union of David and Jonathan.

Book Description
The Holy Union of David and Jonathan is a provocative biblical story of passion and political intrigue. LGBT readers will discover a story that will help them find self-acceptance and constructively challenge the prejudice of religious homophobes. David and Jonathan formed a magnificent and beautiful partnership that they apparently intended to last for a lifetime. Theirs was a loving and committed relationship.

The failure of our culture to recognize the intrinsic divinity of homosexuality and the sanctity of our relationships is the central dilemma challenging lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. Our society’s civil morality is informed by the religious mores of our culture. A redefined cultural and societal understanding of same-sex love derived from and supported by the Bible—a widespread knowledge of the holy union of David and Jonathan—will have a profound impact on the long-term success of our justice movement.


Almost Paradise
by Patt  Gavin


Pages: 212 
ISBN: 0-595-28790-5
iUniverse, 8/2003

Almost Paradise deals with the need for legalization of gay marriages in the United States.  A must read for anyone who wishes to understand better the diversity of this country.

Peter Grant and Craig Walters have been friends for over 20 years, having first met in college.  Their friendship endured throughout the years, first as roommates and then as neighbors, and relocated from New York to Los Angeles.  Now, the two explore a deeper relationship as they express a long ignored love for each other.  Craig, an openly gay man, shows Peter a world he never knew existed.  In the process, Peter learns of the difficulties and discriminations that gay people face every day in America.

Almost Paradise explores the gay subculture in America from the perspective of these men and their friends and families.  The topic is treated with a certain amount of humor, indicative of the handling of the situation by most gay Americans.  Underneath the mirthful veneer is an example of what life can be like for gays if they band together, as well as what this country would be like for heterosexuals were all the gays to leave.

About the author
Openly gay writer and activist, Patt Gavin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies and is currently completing his Master's degree in Anthropology. Almost Paradise , his first novel, is the culmination of a life-long experience; living as a gay man in a heterosexual environment.  His next book, Our Father deals with comparative religions in America and is expected to be completed in 2005.


King of Hollywood

by Robin  Tamblyn
ISBN: 0-595-28231-8

Robin Tamblyn: contact

Recommended by Mark Kendrick

A fast-paced tale of a gay Hollywood player’s rise — and fall — from grace.

Book Description

Charismatic, volatile, mysterious — Danny Spain was a Hollywood enigma. A rebellious child whose aggressive intensity later made him a striking screen presence, he ruthlessly pursued success and soon captured an Academy Award, but could never win that most elusive of trophies — love.

Danny’s best friend and sometime lover, Benedict, devotes himself to finding out the truth about Danny’s life — and death, following his story from his humble birth in the Midwest in 1959 to his violent murder at the hands of a young male hustler forty years later.


by Fred Shank and Chris Fisher

ISBN: 1-4134-0592-4 (Trade Paperback)

What would it be like if one of the New York Knicks was gay?  What would a gay professional athlete go through to keep his secret and remain safely in the closet?

NBA Star Matt Walker faces these questions and more when he returns to his high school’s centennial celebration and finds Reese Gibbons, a former social misfit who now writes for a leading New York publication.  After a heated love affair, Matt and Reese’s relationship turns as the pressures of being a closeted professional athlete take their toll on both men.  Ultimately Reese’s agenda of outing gay celebrities comes in direct conflict with keeping Matt’s secret.

Through Matt, we learn truths aren’t as simple as black and white and homophobia within the boundaries of sports is very real.

Out of Bounds is a story of understanding courage in the face of losing everything and meeting the challenge to rise above it.  With wit and charm, the story tells the road into the light isn’t a smooth one for closeted gay professional athletes, but that the path is there for those who want to step out of bounds.

Visit Fred and Chris' website to find out more about them, their writing, upcoming projects, and how you can purchase this book.
Cover - Finding Faith
Finding Faith by Andrew Barriger
Andy has written at least eight novels. This is the first one he has chosen to publish. I read only the first chapter of his manuscript before I knew he is an excellent writer, full of wit, wisdom, heart, and humor. His characters, both major and minor are fully realized. Each has a unique voice, a unique personality, and a part to play in the unfolding of the story. And then I read the rest of the manuscript, made a few comments and suggestions and urged him to publish. This book is the result. I'm predicting that it will certainly not be his last to be published. Click on the cover and purchase it at Amazon.com. Click on the author's name to visit his website. Be sure to let Andy know when you read his book. He will appreciate hearing from you.
The Lie
The Lie by Pamela Hayes
Pamela is a previously published writer. This latest book is the one she asked me to read and comment on. I'll do more than that. I highly recommend it for it's many plot twists and the growth of her main character, Constance Pointer, from blonde and beautiful waitress whose main goal in life is to find a man to marry and take care of her, to a self-reliant woman. But that hardly gives away the plot. This story is both a conventional romance novel and one so budding with fresh insight and situations, it soars above anything conventional. I especially like the perfect counter-point character in Sharon Fletcher, Constance's friend—a beautiful African-American transsexual, who understands what it means to be a real woman much better than Constance. Where their lives intersect lies the most poignant and real-life wisdom that Pamela Hayes, the writer, brings to this intriguing story.
Journeys of a Tortured Soul
by Caesar Brunswick
ISBN # 1-931297-82-5
Following the lives of a severely dysfunctional southern African-American family, Caesar Brunswick's debut novel focuses on the trials, struggles and triumphs of one Arthur Wilson.  Victim to the repeated abuse of a psychologically challenged father, the young Wilson runs away from home in search of safe haven.  Facing the realities of survival, Wilson finds himself engulfed in the dark recesses of Atlanta's darker side. Dealing with the responsibilities of parenthood, an ailing mother and the challenges of academia, Wilson seeks nurture and direction f rom a self-appointed mentor, as he struggles to pull himself from the pitfalls of his troubled teen life.

Featuring thirteen original works of poetry by Nicole J. Niblack, "Journeys" masterfully addresses many of the elements of today's culture.  Combining the tone of Niblack's classically patterned poetry with the issues of modern day America, Brunswick has produced a work of lasting impact truly worthy of global recognition.  Incorporating the worlds of Music, Education, Family and Street-Life, there is something for everyone purged within the storyline.

About the Author: Georgia native Caesar Brunswick, a classically trained orchestral and choral musician, poet and former educator, holds degrees in education from Fayetteville State University and University of Colorado. Inspired by the works of E.Lynn Harris, Brunswick very recently abandoned a successful career in Hospitality Management to devote his undivided attention to his writing efforts. Author of the award winning Journeys of a Tortured Soul, Brunswick finds his niche in works addressing the family issues of African-Americans and has developed a writing style that is both engaging and unique. A resident of the Atlanta suburb Stone Mountain, Brunswick very recently completed his sophomore effort, Things Found in my Fatherís Closet, which revisits the characters of Journeys twenty years later. Currently working on his next release, Overtures, Curtain Calls & Encores, which depicts the life of a troubled African-American opera singer, Brunswick chronicles her life from teen pageant queen to fallen middle-aged diva. Once again employing his masterful narrative flashback, the work paints the gritty reality of her rise from pool hall performing soul band singer to international prima donna

Vacant Spaces
by Marc Andrew Ware
ISBN 1403378886
Paper $14.95 and Hard Cover
ISBN 1403399077 $27.95

"Riveting", "Modern gothic at its terrifying best!"
—Southern Book Review


Ashley Malone’s life has always been masked in shadows. First came the "mysterious illness" that threw her into a coma. When she woke, she was pregnant and everything changed.


Now, Ashley and her autistic son have found refuge in a small house owned by the Catholic Church, seemingly safe from the clutches of evil that haunt Ashley’s dreams, from the nightmarish events that teeter at the edge of her memory. Then the mysterious envelope arrives, inside a newspaper article; Ashley’s lifelong friend, Susan, is missing in New York, the possible victim of a sadistic killer! But what can Ashley do? The Church just sold her house, she has to leave her safe haven!


Mrs. Winthrop, the kindly old landlady of Susan’s brownstone makes the offer; come to New York, live in Susan’s apartment, and try to find out what happened to her friend! Now Ashley Malone is living Susan’s life, hearing the strange noises in the attic that Susan heard, and soon realizes her friend was the victim of something more diabolical, something that lived and breathed in the old brownstone!


The closer Ashley gets to the truth, the more that is revealed about the evil secrets of the residents in the brownstone and the key to her own diabolical past. From  things that lurk in the shadows of the attic, to the sounds of dripping blood in the basement, Ashley realizes that this building houses something unearthly, and that if she’s living Susan’s life...then she may suffer Susan’s fate!

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