Volume 2, Issue 7, July 23, 2004
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 Hey...what the?!
These and other books are reviewed in this issue...
In this issue...
Cheri Rosenberg
- Finding Faith.....p2
- Finding Peace.....p2
- Gay Pride 2004 NYC.....p3
Gary Phillips
- Metes & Bounds.....p4
Jak Klinikowski
- Someone You Know.....p5
- Interview #2 of writer/publisher Warren Ockrassa.....p6
- Ineeda Willingbottom in  Episode IV,
   "The Wedding Rehearsal from Hell".....p7
Jay Mandal
- short story, "The Driving Test" .....p8
Jeffrey Williams
- short story, "A Mother Betrayed" .....p9
Jerry Flack
- Brothers/Others in Arms .....p10
- Ice Sculptures .....p10
- Kings & Queens.....p10
John Charles
- Dark Callings.....p11
Josh Aterovis
- Christopher.....p12
Lori L. Lake
- Night Driving.....p13
- Frontiers.....p13
- Gay Spirituality.....p13
John Francis
- An editorial: Sexual Content.....p14
Mark Roeder
- An editorial: Dealing with Criticism.....p15
Tony Heyes
- Half-Life.....p16
- Strangers.....p16

Peter Mitchell
- The conclusion of the serialized novel, The Children of Om, Part III TRANSFORMATION.....p17


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In the news, The Independent Gay Writer now has two editors besides myself, Betty Conley and John Charles, and what a help it has been to say, "here, please edit this," leaving me with the simple task of converting a nicely edited file into html. Betty has been editing writers and up-and-coming writers for well over a year—if not longer—and so it was natural to glady accept her help when she offered to edit the reviews and articles, here. John Charles joined us last month—officially—but he has been editing all along.

StonewallLogoAlso The Independent Gay Writer is the recipient of the 2004 Stonewall Society Online Literary Award, which I gladly share with everyone who has contributed to this newsletter. Recipients of other awards from Stonewall society include frequent contributor and writer, Lori L. Lake: Entertainment Award for Stepping Out: Short Stories, the Favorite Author Award, and the Favorite Short Story (in  Stepping Out). Mark Kendrick is the recipient of the 2004 Imagination Award for his book Stealing Some Time: World Without You, and Ronald L. Donaghe for Favorite Literary Work, Common Sons.

Welcome to a new writer...
Dancing in the Arms of Orion
Stephen R. Moore

366 pages
iUniverse (June 3, 2004)
ISBN: 0595315593

A welcome addition to the world of Gay love!
An excellent first effort.  A welcome addition to the Gay genre.  Daniel and Phillip will quickly become your new friends.  The story line does leave you wondering just what is going to happen next, which makes you not to want to put the book down till you have finished.   This is a good thing to come from any author, let alone to be able to accomplish it in a first novel.  Some of the characters are a bit 'hazy' and could be fleshed out more.  I did find it a bit 'sweet' at times.  The perfection level that Daniel seems to have reached as a son and an older brother would make any parent want to have a dozen just like him.  One just wants to HUG him every time he comes along!
This is an intriguing tale of young Gay love with just a few of the pitfalls that are met on the way to acceptance of one's self and by others.  If you are an avid reader of this genre, this is a must have selection and will be a great addition to your library.  It also would make a good gift for someone struggling with their own identity in this area.  You WILL read it more than once.  Dancing in the Arms of Orion could well be the new Gay 'Feel Good' book of the Summer.  And that's a GOOD thing!
I look forward to Stephen's next effort.  The production value, here, could use some help but in no way detracts from the finished product.  I do hope we see more of Daniel, Phillip and the gang from Whalers Cove!

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