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author of the new book
The Belt and Beyond. 
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                            Email: edbreeding@juno.com

Ed Breeding served three years with the U.S. Air Force in Europe.  Later he worked with
the CIA in Washington D.C.  Thereafter he entered the corporate world earning an
executive position with the La-Z-Boy Corporation.  After these diverse successes in his
career, Ed allowed his opportunities for travel to take him around the world where he
became intrigued by the diversity of cultures which he encountered along the way.
Ed says, “The native people of Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Cuba, Australia, and
Canada became the inspiration for much of my paintings and writings.”

His commissioned artwork by the SIMON CANDY COMPANY of the Amish people
of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania sold 400,000 units across the USA.  Painting for
more than 20 years, his work has appeared on the cover of a number of prestigious
magazines.  His Limited Edition Prints continue to be consistent sellouts to his vast
following of loyal collectors.

With his extensive expertise in photography, he was asked to do stills for the independent
feature film, ALL OVER AGAIN.  He continues to incorporate much of his photography
into his oil paintings.  He is sought after as a celebrity photographer for album covers
and portfolio work.  Stella Parton and Daniel Bolton are two of his best known clients.

Ed’s association with Danish film producer and author, Michael Porel, allowed him the
opportunity to develop his video techniques and a deeper understanding of film making. 
He is presently considered to be an authority on great films.

He is the author of 11 manuscripts, the latest being, THE BELT AND BEYOND.
Other written work has been published in USA TODAY and THE WASHINGTON

Ed’s life journey and extensive travel has inspired him to seek a deeper understanding
of human behavior.  A love and appreciation for the study of metaphysics and the
spiritual realm continues to inspire him.

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