Volume 2, Issue 8, August 20, 2004
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WHWalking Higher: Gay Men Write About the Deaths of Their Mothers

Edited by
Alexander Renault

Synopsis and about the editor, page 4

I'm pleased to introduce two new books coming out in September/October. Walking Higher, edited by Alexander Renault, is a collection of essays written by gay men about the deaths of their mothers. The Phoenix, by Ruth Sims, is a Victorian novel set in England and America with all the trappings of those delicious Victorian novels of the 19th Century. So I'm featuring them both, this issue. And I'm pleased to announce the complete Book One of The Twilight of the Gods trilogy is now published.
PhoenixThe Phoenix
Ruth Sims

The Writers’ Collective
353 pages
paper $16.95

Reviewed on Page 3.
IdentityEnvyJim Tushinski, author of Van Allen's Ecstacy and Jim Van Buskirk is co-author of Gay by the Bay
are calling for submissions from lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transsexuals for Identity Envy: Wanting to be Who We're Not, page 2.

The Gay Face of God
Archbishop Bruce J. Simpson

A Gathering of Angels
Larry Dean Hamilton
Bondi Classic
Paul Freeman
Gay Cinema-
Jason Bergund & Beverly West
The Odd Boy and his Precious Piano
Allen Howe
Lord Given Lovers
Christopher Hubble

Many thanks go to the editors for this magazine, Betty Conley and John Charles for all the help they provided on this issue; and thanks also to all those who have contributed book and film reviews, as well as short stories and articles. It couldn't be done without you.
—Ronald L. Donaghe, Editor

Books Reviewed
  • Cheri Rosenberg reviews Ricochet in Time and Frontiers, page 5
  • Chris Hubble reviews A Gathering of Angels and The Gay Face of God, page 6
  • Duane Simolke reviews Mission Child, page 7
  • Gene Hayworth reviews The Violet Hour: the Violet Quill and the Making of Gay Culture, page 8
  • Jerry Flack reviews Bondi Classic and Gay Cinematherapy, page 9
  • John Charles reviews Carcass of the Caterpillar and The Odd Boy and His Piano, page 10
  • Larry Hamilton reviews Lord Given Lovers, page 11
  • Tony Heyes reviews The Charioteer, The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde, and Through it Came Bright Colors, page 12
  • Lori L. Lake reviews Venus of Chalk, page 18
Films Rev
  • Duane Simolke reviews "Circuit" - page 7
  • Jerry Flack reviews "Under One Roof," page 13
  • needahandJak Klinikowski provides us with The Continuing Adventures of Ineeda Willingbottom, with "Where do Cowboys Come From?" - page 14; and we get the third and final segment of his interview with writer/publisher Warren Ockarassa, page 15
  • Jay Mandal, novelist and short-story writer gives us the short story "A Change of View," page 16
  • Jeffrey Williams is back with his article "Feeding Love with Hate," page 17
  • Alexander Renault, editor of Walking Higher reveals the process by which his anthology came into being with "Stumbling Forward, " page 4 (bottom half of page)
CinTwilight of the Gods: Cinátis
by Ronald L. Donaghe
Two Brothers Press
(Sept. 2004)
Paper, 584 pages, $21.95
ISBN 1-59457-619-X

After 3 years of having only Vol. 1 of Cinátis published, the complete book of Cinátis is now available in one book—as it should have been from the beginning.


 A mysterious plague is sweeping up from the south in the country of Omoham, driving the Omoham'Eye northward. In the path of the fleeing citizens, whole villages are decimated... A whole country is at risk. Amid this chaos comes the conquering Ch'turc with a vast army, seizing the Omoham'Eye for slaves, setting new laws in place.  The fate of the country hangs in the balance, until the emergence of a savior known simply as Jeru Stone Felder and his mate Eríl. But will Jeru save the world or destroy it?

Carcass of the Caterpillar
E. Layne Kelly
Ricochet in Time
Lori L. Lake  
The Violet Hour
David Berman
The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde
Neil McKenna